Reiseassistentin is a travel service for elderly cruise ship passengers living in Germany.

My Travel Assistance services are dedicated to senior travelers who love a cruise holiday, but feel insecure about the long flight  to reach the port of embarkation, traveling alone (by themself or as a couple).

Air travel must be precisely planned. Travelers must be punctual and fast! I will be there to assist every step of the way! From check-in until seated for take-off,  changing planes at connecting airports, arriving at your destination airport, and ground transportation to where the real journey will begin; the cruise ship! Occasionally, it is recomended or even nessesary for there to be an overnight stay involved to reach the ship‘s port of embarkation. Of course I would remain available throughout this time as well. At the conclusion of the cruise, I will meet my client at the port of disembarkation and escort them the entire return trip home.

During my 25+ years of experience working with guests on travel and event programs and accompanying groups of people around the world, I have often seen the need for more personal guest care.

This is where I help: My ratio of assistance is 1:1 or 1:2, which supports slow travelers in a fast environment. My service is to accompany the traveler while providing expertly managed logistics which promotes a feeling of safety throughout the entire journey from home, until we together reach their destination. Once on board, they will be in a safe controlled environment   where they are welcomed and have a pleasant cruise experience without having the pressure of  moving fast.

Air travel is never “Slow Travel”, Cruising however, is. River cruising is a fantastic way “to travel without moving” and see wonderful scenery and places on earth.

What I am offering, is intensive travel assistance on the way to get to the cruise ship´s port, or any other travel destination, and the return trip. I am not doing the cruise myself, but will fly straight back in between. I will be the one caring for my client during the long flights, so the traveler can relax and won´t be exhausted once reaching the travel destination in a different time zone, climate or language. I do speak fluent German, Spanish and English, can manage French, and started to study Russian. I have extensive on-board cruise ship experience and have worked on many mega sports events worldwide.

Once my client has decided for a cruise and appoints me as Reiseassistentin (Travel Assistant), the air passage bookings will have to be arranged together.

I will then start to work on getting the maximum information about every single location we will pass by and through together. This includes precise details of airport facilities as well as destination information necessary for arrival abroad as well as any unforeseen minor emergencies. The traveler can sit, rest and relax, while I take care of the “heavy stuff”: Luggage, waiting in line for check-in, the shortest transfer routes inside the airports during change of planes, even options to enjoy the waiting time at airports or train stations. I will be managing all the details small and large, to assure that the entire journey is pleasant, begining from the clients home, not just from after boarding the dream ship.

River cruises are in my opinion the most pleasant way to travel when you do not want to rush or move much from your “hotel”, but still see new countries and places in an enjoyable way. It is an ideal way to visit several cities or even several countries without having to take care about driving, changing hotels, immigration procedures. – Full pension on a high quality level, and a lots of friendly, interesting well trained staff taking care of you, wanting your stay to be most enjoyable.

The river vessels usually stop overnight, so you won´t miss the beautiful scenery during the day, and often dock right in the city or villages center. Guided walking tours are mostly optional excursions, so you can instead easily do your own slow stroll and venture into the local atmospheres at your own pace. With a city map provided by the ships reception and some good first hand  information from the crew, you can create you own custom tour. Or you can join a bus tour offered to a nearby tourist site, if you feel like seeing even more. You can enjoy a river cruise without ever leaving the ship. There are always interesting sites to see outside when the ship moves, weather from a comfortable deck chair or inside the observation lounge, the voyage is exciting without you having to move. Not to forget about bar service while you are watching the picturesque landscape…

Looking forward to meet my guests.

Thank you for stopping by.
Jessica Kirsten